All about me!

Hey friends!

My name is Shelby! I’m 24 years old, happily engaged & I have the best little step son. Also including, my 4 fur babies to keep me on my toes & 8 chickens to keep life interesting. I’m a genuine foodie, literally #foodislife. I love taking pictures of everything all the time. My life is all things coffee, coffee mugs, outdoors, antique and floral. My sister & friends always tell me I have an old soul.. and I’m not angry about it. 😉 You can expect me to post recipes, (which I usually throw together myself, so that should be interesting LOL), some fitness tips I think I know about, pictures I take and just all the exciting?.. things that happen in my life! I hope to bring some joy, simplicity & maybe a good laugh or two to your lives through one interesting post at a time!

With love,